Everything you need to know about bongs

Whenever they needed some pleasure, bongs were always there for them. Bongs are so amazing that even the great Bob Marley has said “N’ keep ya’ very lucky you can smoke it in a bong/ When you smoke it in a bong, you are baked all night long”. Bongs are even considered as a workpiece of art often.

So, what a bong is?

Well, a bong is a water-filtered device to smoke. It actually produces a smoother “milk”, filtering the smoke through the water. It has three chambers.

First is the water chamber at the bottom, that holds the water. It filters the smoke to make it smoother.

The second is its long neck vertical tube. The smoke moves upwards, and the smoker inhales the smoke from this chamber.

And last but not least is the downstream. Now the downstream has two parts. It has a pipe which is dipped in the water and the bowl part flares to hold the dried herbs.

Glass bongs are readily available in wholesale and are one of the cheapest things to make your smoking experience better.

The evolution of Bongs

Bongs have a great history flourished in ancient cultures of Asia, Africa and the middle east. Historians didn’t know from where exactly this smoking pipes came from as there are varieties of medicinal and ceremonial uses of bongs in many societies.

The archeological study says that scientists found 13th-century smoking pipes made of bamboo and horns in Africa. Bongs were spread in the Asian continent in the 14th and 15th century. Hookah another member from the bong family has popped in Persian culture, and they get spread all over the European countries in the 16th, 17th and 18th century before reaching to the united states in the 19th century.

Various Kinds of Bongs

There are different Kinds of cheap bongs in the market based on their different size, styles and designs. The popular ones are listed below.

Bubblers: – Bubblers are handheld, light-weight and portable. They are mainly a mixture of bongs and pipes that contains a drop-down water chamber below. This chamber cools mostly and filters the smoke and make the smoke smoother for a better experience. However, cheap dab rigs are tough to clean because of their designs.

Mini Bongs: – The Mini Bongs are mainly the miniature version of the bubblers. They are lightweight and portable, and it’s cheaper than bubblers too. It is based on a carved like system. But mini bong’s thinner glasses and tight crevices makes it really tough to clean it.

Scientific Bongs: – Who have ever thought that science could be this interesting. Scientific Bongs are mainly made of lab-based borosilicate glass that has a bent mouthpiece, a prelocators and ash catcher. These high-priced bongs are heat resistant and are easy to clean usually.

Dab Rig: – These kinds have only two ways to medicate. With the oil or concentrating on the flower. As dispensary supplies wholesale doses in the form of wax, shatters etc. They are melted to smoke.

Dab rigs filter the smoke twice through the water. The interesting part is the tube piece that helps the smoke and the water travel together to the mouthpiece, from where the water again goes back to the reservoir. Thus, dab rigs give you smoother experience than the other bongs.

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