Your Business and Google+

One of the hottest buzz items right now is the introduction of Google+. While still in its beta testing, millions of people are trying to get an invite to join one of the hottest websites since, well….Facebook. There is a lot of hype surrounding Google+, but should you consider having your business join? I think that you should definitely have your business on Buy Google Reviews Google+ and here are a few reasons why.

Taps into Google Search
Everyone knows that Google currently almost holds a monopoly on search engines. Google+ accounts will be able to tap into that by being in Google’s Realtime Search. Since ending their contract with Twitter, it is believed that Google is holding onto Realtime Search to integrate into Google+. This would mean that if you post something on Google+, or someone posts something about you, when people type your business into the Google Search, these posts will also come up in their results. This is an added incentive for businesses to stay active with their accounts as well.

Helps You Communicate
There are many features in Google+ that business can use to help communicate to their employees or even to allow coworkers to contact each other. One feature is called a Hangout. This shows that a user is “hanging out” and when others click on the link, they can talk to that person via webcam. This can be utilized by business for conference calls or business meetings when people are on-the-go. Another great feature is Circles. Circles allows you to put all of your friends in a specific category. Then you can share information with only that group of people. This is a great contrast from Facebook, where what you post the whole world can see. You can share information to only your employees or coworkers this way, which is great.

Access to Other Google Apps
Businesses who sign up for Google+ will also be able to use Google’s other great applications. These include items such as Google Analytics, Google Places, and Google Wallets. With all of this information stored in one place, businesses are able to track customers based on what they click on, where they check in, and even what they buy while they are there. You can also use Google’s Checkout feature to allow people to order items straight from your Google+ page!

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