Innovation Is Great, But What Happens When It Can’t Get Out of the Gate – Or Stay in Vegas?


Everybody appears to like Google Glass, those cool PC portable tech gadgets you wear as glasses. The guarantee of such future innovation is downright Science Fiction-like. All things considered, how might we push ahead when such new development makes more security worries also? Alright things being what they are, how about we talk will we?


The Mercury News in Silicon Valley had a fascinating article on June 5, 2013 named; “Club prohibit speculators from utilizing Google Glass,” by Wayne Parry which expressed that; “Gambling clubs in a few states are precluding players from wearing Google Glass, the little eyeglasses-mounted gadget fit for shooting photographs, recording video and riding the Internet. Controllers say the contraptions could be utilized to cheat at games.”


Without a doubt it could deteriorate than that, think about this if “what occurs in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and why that well known witticism and motto draws in travelers. It fundamentally is expressing, come to Vegas, have some good times, let your hair down and don’t stress over it. Anything that great you have is alright, nobody back home at any point needs to have very much familiarity with it. Of course, sounds incredible, yet assuming people are going around with Google Glasses and they have FRT – Face Recognition Technologies then every individual they see will be recorded, in addition to it will provide them with the names สล็อตเว็บตรง  and data on them.


The framework could have an application to go to Facebook and glance through 1 billion individuals and it will know it’s you by your facial mark. Thus, now that data isn’t simply accessible to anybody wearing those glasses, yet assuming could be imparted to the Internet, Big Brother, or any other person too, a criminal for example. So this works out in a good way past the contention of the gambling clubs and gaming commission of individuals counting cards, cheating, or ripping off the house as in the Movie; 21.


Coincidentally, I met the screenwriter of that film once for espresso in a California resort hitting the fairway town, however didn’t have any idea who he was until we begun talking, had I had those Google Glasses I would have right away. Are you starting to see the issue – I mean we have enough paparazzi and security attack for all intents and purposes with the wide range of various innovation we have out there. Does this mean we should renounce such amazing innovations? No, maybe it simply implies that the world is changing and the time has come to adjust or kick the bucket – you pick which.

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