5 Things to Do on Andros Island, Bahamas

If you’ve never been to Andros Island, you’re missing out. It’s the largest of the Bahamian Islands, covering more land than all of the other seven hundred islands put together. Here are some tips to make the most of your stay:

Andros island is green and expansive, nicknamed ‘The Big Yard’ for its two-thousand square miles of land. It’s also incredibly quiet – the population hardly exceeds 8,000, and the main town, Andros Town, is small and uncrowded. Despite this, the island has a rich cultural history. The Seminole Indians have a folktale about the “chickcharnies” hanging from the pines by their tails.

In the past, pirates were a common sight on Andros. Pirates even declared the island a Republic of Pirates in 1713. There are caves and a bluff named after Henry Morgan, a famous privateer-pirate and rum maker. The area around Small Hope Bay was a popular haunt for pirates who raided Spanish treasure galleons. The population of the Bahamas at the time andros island bahamas of the Spanish invasion was estimated at 40,000 Lucayan-Tainos.

While most resident birds migrate from the West Indies, Andros has an abundance of species unique to the island. Andros is home to the Bahama oriole, which is critically endangered, as well as the great lizard cuckoo, a rare species that can only be found on Andros. The Kirtland’s warbler is another rare species found on Andros. There are about 600 of these birds on the island.

There are hundreds of square miles of productive bonefish territory on Andros Island. It is also home to permit, tarpon, and bonefish – which are considered among the finest gamefish in the world. As an added bonus, Andros has deep sea fishing too, especially in the Tongue of the Ocean. Locals often fish for snapper and grouper. This is the perfect place for anyone who loves the water. So go on, have a great time!

There is something for everyone on Andros. There are beautiful white-sand beaches on the east coast of the island, a thriving town of Andros known as Fresh Creek, and Congo Town. But you can also take in some stunning nature in the west. The 1.5 million acre West Side National Park and the Blue Holes National Park are also located on Andros. These two protected areas are maintained by the Bahamas National Trust. While visiting Andros Island, make sure to spend some time in the national parks.

Andros is home to the endangered piping plover. It prefers sandy beaches to rocky shores. Other rare birds found on Andros include the Bahama yellowthroat, Bahama woodstar, and Key West quail dove. The birds have a long, fascinating history on this island, and the island’s natural beauty and wildlife are well worth the visit. It’s easy to understand why many people flock to the island each year.

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