God Versus the Gods


Aristotle alluded to satisfaction as the most we can accomplish. Evil presences and divine beings were compatible in the hour of Homer when individuals had undeniably less systematized control of their viewpoints and profound understandings. What is the ‘anima’ alluded to by Aristotle and different sages?


It is not difficult to be content without everything we fixate on. The harmony between our constituent selves and the chance of interest in making an entire, or related to that WHOLE will be difficult to beat for illumination. Yet, the vast majority over the last little blip of human life have gotten involved with frameworks that keep the entire or any sense from getting ONENESS. We have seen a long term ‘bad dream’ as James Joyce astutely expressed. The completely astounding thing about this – those elites have let us know they represent God or are Divine Kings who truth be told have utilized or driven us into this deep no man’s land. We find a comparative worldview exists in scientism which keeps the perceptible results or impacts from getting the spirit and ESP.


Barthold Niebuhr (I think it was) said that bringing something back from the past or finding anything is a high that is much the same as the best imagination. It is so great to learn and see the method of those we have slandered as savage or crude; as they skip in the delight of experience and unity with Nature while they sustained one another.


The Druidic pantheon and Norse framework is an extraordinary mythos from which one can study and learn great qualities. The troubadours recounted these accounts yet individuals comprehended they were illustrative of powers and not one’s idea of Gods. Agent divinities could shift in the structures they took, as the basic powers that the watcher was taking advantage of were impacted by the watcher as well as the other way around. Jonathan Kirsch’s new book from 2004 called God against the Gods gets this right.


All individuals knew restoration of a sort existed and the spirit was godlike. They even credited cash to be reimbursed in the afterlife. When you get the Norse framework we discuss today you had simply one more watered down holy control from My perspective. The vascerri (clerics) who failed out of the seriously requesting Bardic Tradition were turning out to be more ready to address the issues of the majority who truly needed simple responses and the way of life had been devastated or sold out to Christianity in numerous ways even inside the non-Christian frameworks. St. Columba is one of the better instances of a Bard holy person – the Benefits are given  colloquialism at his time was (which is not long before the Norse began to exist as we are aware of them) ‘Jesus is the new Druid’.


Pioneers saw the advantage of religion and getting individuals to acknowledge these simple responses – it did something amazing for Rome – an investigation of the Synod of Whitby (663-4 AD) shows a deadly lord go to St. Peter to snatch the resources of the Celtic Christian Church in Northumbria – later England turned into a power.


Presently with respect to the ceremonies of Rgnarok and the RgVeda stories – yes there is symbology that gets to these powers still. RG is an old Irish or late Keltic word for King however their rulers were a meritocracy and not genetic. I have a new examination concentrate on their Runes that delves into this in some detail and it is important for my books. These ‘builds’ or plans that are stimulated through supplication when appropriately oversaw by a decent minister magician can prompt astonishing things like the Hexham Heads. These Keltic Heads can not be shot because of the cross sections of original energy that a straightforward taxi driver who made them for his kids some way or another took advantage of. We will address what this ‘tapping-in’ is important for in this book.


Individuals participated in kissing have a great deal of data and energy move, in spite of the fact that we generally do it for the ‘buzz’ and don’t get into the science or persona of it. A judgment is made and handled by the Thalami and cerebrum. The Thalami like the Pineal organ can intensify all energy sources of info and course them to the proper spot in the mind. Science is presently nearly seeing what the Third Eye of the people of old knew. To assist with making way for the legitimate assessment of data and occasions that will without a doubt fall on numerous unbelieving personalities now and again; let me quote Herbert Spencer for you. “There is a guideline which is a bar against all data, which is verification against all contentions and which can’t neglect to keep a man in never-ending obliviousness – that rule is disdain before examination.”


From the Mahabharata to the Iliad we see the hand of higher creatures who played god with simple humans enveloped by their vain accentuation on the dross actual faculties that covetously remove such a lot of energy from heartfelt pursuits. Since time seems direct doesn’t make it any more genuine than the appearance the eyes of an owl perceives when it finds in elements of energy our more restricted eyes can’t catch. Maybe a significantly more applicable obtaining innovation in the collective of animals has to do with how bugs and birds find as they would prefer back to a particular domain or ‘home’. Neils Bohr expressed something like this: – ‘An extraordinary truth has a contrary which is likewise obvious. A paltry truth has a contrary which is only bogus.’


95% of all the energy in the universe is comprised of Dark Energy or Dark Matter. This is a logical truth as of late found however not considered in the regular working universe of most scholarly teaches. It was generally helpful to those ‘in the loop’ and the Eastern Mystical schools utilized by Illuminati are essential for what we should concentrate to comprehend how Chhi and Shakti can fabricate layered builds.

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