Swords of the Highlander Film and TV Series

Back in the 1980’s, the film Highlander became hugely favored by cult film fans, featuring numerous exciting sword battles, a great villain and a spectacular part of miscasting with Frenchman, Christopher Lambert playing a Scotsman (Connor McLeod), and the very Scottish Sean Connery playing Juan Sanchez Vlla-Lobos Ramirez! Despite the quirky decorations, the film gained cult status, in large part thanks to outstanding sword battles, with fans and collectors soon searching for replicas of those unfortunate tools used in the filmSoap2day Movie Site Flash Sales, 57% OFF | www.smokymountains.org

At first of the films story, Connor MacLeod wields a single-handed broadsword. Although no official reproduction exists, soap 2 day there are numerous unlicensed versions available to buy, mostly of decent quality although none are 100% accurate to the movie prop.

Later in the film Connor MacLeod wields a historical Japanese people Katana that once belonged to his mentor, Ramirez. Previously collectors have been forced to put up with unofficial replicas, often badly attractive, and rarely accurate to the original film. Excitingly, U . s . Knives have recently to produce new, formally licensed version, that accurately matches the film versions intricately carved dragon-head handle, and features a hand-forged carbon-steel blade. Serious collectors should spend the additional money and get this, as it is a huge improvement over previous available versions.

After the first highlander film, there were several sequels, but none that were as memorable or entertaining as the first. During the 1990’s a Highlander TV spinoff show was made that followed the adventures of another MacLeod family member, Duncan. Like Connor he also wielded a dragon-head katana, although of a slightly different design. The show is generally considered to be the best follow-up to the original movie and attracted a large cult following, with things eventually coming full circle with a film that u . s . Duncan and Connor.

Like Connor’s Katana, there are a number of mass-produced unlicensed replicas available of Duncan’s Sword, although for copyright reasons none is an exact reproduction. Fortunately, collectors are now able to buy an formally licensed version created by U . s . Knives, manufactured to the same high standards as their reproduction of Connor’s sword, and also a precise copy of the prop versions suited for the show. This should be the version collectors should go for, as it uses a higher-quality full h2o and steel blade, and the intricate cream color dragon-head is replicated exactly using a weathered single piece resin casting that replicates the original exactly.

There are numerous other memorable swords used in the films and series, such as the Kurgan’s multi-part blade, but there are very few replicas of these available to buy, other than a few very limited features.

The luck of the Highlander series is now unknown. The series has now finished, and recent films, while they have their loyal fans, just weren’t particularly big commercial success. Given the money earned by other recent sword-filled fantasy films such as 300, God of the Rings and the Devils of the Caribbean movies, it’s not surprising that there is talk of re-booting the franchise with a re-make of the original. Needs to be eventual consequence of this, with the recent U . s . Knives releases, fans of Highlander can at least own true replica’s of the very most iconic swords from the Highlander franchise.

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